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  21-st-cover  Lambropoulos, N. & Romero, M. (2015).  21st Century Lifelong Creative Learning: A Matrix of Innovative Methods and New Technologies for Individual, Team and Community Skills and Competencies. New York, USA: Nova Publishers.  Available on Amazon
  krisi-efkairia-cover Λαμπροπούλου, Ν. (2015). Κάνε go to site την Κρί follow ση ευκαιρία: 7 Βήματα για Καινοτομία και Ανάπτυξη Τώρα. Εκδόσεις Γκότση, Πάτρα.
watch edu-social-software-nikilambropoulos-margaridaromero  Educational Social Software for Context-aware Learning: Collaborative Methods and Human Interaction (Amazon)
 UCD-nikilambropoulos-panayiotiszapheiris  User-Centered Design for Online Learning Communities (Amazon)
 GR-DC  Μετάφραση του βιβλίου Ο Κόπτης των Διαμαντιών (2015, Εκδόσεις Ελφίλ, Αθήνα)
 Tools & Evaluation Techniques for Collaborative E-Learning Communities (Lulu) Επιστημονική Επιμέλεια της μετάφρασης του βιβλίου Στιγμές Εύρηκα! The Εureka Factor, Kounios & Beeman, 2015. Aπό τις Eκδόσεις Γκότση, Πάτρα.

Coming Books

Imagineering in English * Project Management (Διαχείριση Έργου) in Greek * Twins 2nd Adventure (Οι Περιπέτειες των Διδύμων, δεύτερο βιβλίο) in Greek


eco-niki (2)Dr. Niki Lampropoulou (Lambropoulos) PhD is an author and public speaker, an Imagineering and Human Computer Interaction Senior Researcher, Quality Assurance consultant, PRINCE2 certified Project Manager, and a Marie Curie Fellow. She holds a BA and Diploma in Education from the University of Athens, an MA in ICT in Education from the UCL Institute of Education, University of London, and a PhD in HCI from the Centre for Interactive Systems Engineering (CISE), London South Bank University. She has worked as a teacher, an ICT coordinator, a QA consultant, e-learning expert, Project and Innovation Manager in LLP and Marie Curie European Projects and at the Regional Educational Directorate for Western Greece. She is currently a Visiting Senior Researcher at the Department of Informatics, London South Bank University and external collaborator at the Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Technology in Education (CRINTE), University of Western Macedonia in Greece. She has published widely in her fields of interest. In 2015, she has published the books ‘21st Century Creative Learning’ in English (September 2015) and ‘Turn the Crisis into Opportunity’, in Greek (November 2015).

Her professional interests revolve around imagineering and innovation; imagineering includes both imagination and creativity and their applications as innovation. Her professional interests are translated into innovative applications, projects, online and blended learning workshops, and academic and children’s books and publications. Her current projects include writing books and developing international projects on her fields of interest, and Future Emerging Technologies evaluation for the European Union. In addition, she serves as a member advisory board, reviewer and conferences member committee for several organizations. She has initiated the European Projects Team for the Regional Educational Authorities in Greece with several funded projects, and she was acquired a patent for a camping tent.

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Futurist * Public Speaker 

Lambropoulos, N. (2016). 21st Century Imagineering in K12 Education: Applied Creativity Knowledge, Skills and Competences for Life. Κeynote presentation at the Middle East the Next Generation Learning Spaces ME Summit, Abu Dhabi, 25-28 January 2016.

Keynote Speech on Slideshare: Lambropoulos, N. (2015). Vocational Dreams to Career Reality: Technology Enhanced Learning for Everyday Connectivity and Practice. Κeynote presentation at the VocTEL, Case studies and tools in practice Conference, Crown Plaza Hotel, Athens, Greece, 17-18/06/2015 See on Slideshare.



Keynote Speech on Slideshare: We Use. We Create. We Become. We Succeed: Modeling our 21st Century Information Society. At the 7th International Conference on ICT, Society, and HumanBeings 2014 & the 11th International Conference on Web Based Communities and Social Media 2014, 17 – 19 July, Lisbon, Portugal



Keynote Speech on Slideshare: ‘Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams